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Founded in February 2022, DOLO RENT has quickly made a name for itself in the Guadeloupe car rental market.

Dolo Rent is the 100% local car rental agency in Guadeloupe! An agency on a human scale that stands out for the quality of its services, its smiles and above all its reliable cars carefully selected for a smooth trip around the islands of Guadeloupe.

We’re proud to be much more than just a car rental agency: we’re your travel mates, always ready to help you or give you that little tips that makes all the difference.

With its nursery section, DOLO RENT also offers families on vacation the chance to travel without having to worry about the essentials for their little ones.


She’s inspiring us every single day …

Born on June 07, 1921 in Morne à l’Eau, Dolorès is the mother of 14 children and has no fewer than 100 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Brought up in poverty, “in SORIN time” as she often said, she lived all her life in Morne-A-L’eau in her house next to the market, where she devoted herself to her favorite activity: passing on all her knowledge.

A lady with a big heart, her greatest asset was the way she expressed herself, dressed and behaved, always with her head held high.

It was this way of being that earned her the title of Reines des Aînés in 1992, elected by her association, the Club Merveille de Morne-A-L’eau, of which she was president.

But her adventure didn’t stop there. Her inextinguishable need to share with others was expressed through her regular appearances on local radio host Marvel’s shows, as well as in schools.

One of her proudest achievements was playing the main character in Laurent Voulzy’s “Amélie Colbert” video clip, not to mention her meeting with Madame Geneviève DE FONTENAY, whose circumstances she loved to recount.

Dolorès left us at 101, on December 6, 2023, but her story continues through the life of this company, which pays tribute to her every day.

Dolorès’s words on seeing the DOLO RENT logo: “That’s meeeeee!”


Originally from the French West Indies, Laurent VOULZY’s song “Amélie COLBERT” tells the story of an imaginary old lady who has attained a kind of wisdom thanks to age and the ups and downs of life, the archetype of a person you meet when you’ve got a little scar in the heart or at work, and who cheers you up”. Laurent VOULZY

To represent this character, Laurent VOULZY was looking for someone with a strong personality, presence, elegance and natural charm. That’s why Dolorès stood out from her competitors during casting, and caught Laurent Voulzy’s eye.

It has to be said that by bringing four dresses with her, she had put all the odds on her side…


Every client is different, with different expectations. That’s why we’ve decided to offer the widest possible choice of vehicles and options to meet every need.

Beyond our fleet, our warm and attentive team is on hand every day to listen and respond to specific needs, and gladly offers sound advice so that the word holiday rhymes with serenity, comfort and a sweet way of life.

In the next years, DOLO RENT aims to match the big-name brands, and is looking to expand worldwide.


Sarah Odegard
President of Finance
Lars Jakuba
Executive Vice President
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Mikey Diokles
Sales Manager